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Image by Miltiadis Fragkidis

The Cretans

World Premiere Audio Drama in Three Parts

Missed an episode of "The Cretans"? Want to hear them again?


Click the following links to hear the official captioned videos:

The Myth and History

Betrayal, Revenge, and Fate

The Cretans is an original audio drama structured around an extant fragment of Euripides’ The Cretans. Written by Ed Falco, The Cretans takes audiences through the story of a culture during the turbulence of change while they struggle to accept the birth of something new. 

The Death of Socrates

"The Cretans is a reimagining of the mythology surrounding the birth of the
Minotaur, based on a surviving fragment from Euripides’ play of the same name."

- Ed Falco

Antique Volumes

The Process

From stage to audio performance 

The creation of The Cretans has been everything but ordinary. Learn how Ed Falco took a production meant for the stage and turned it into an audio performance, and how the director, cast, and crew have had to adapt to a new type of rehearsal style.  

The Company

Meet the team of students, alumni and faculty who dove into this Virginia Tech first with passion.

"This play only requires two things from the audience: listening and imagination. Come in with open minds and open ears and let your imagination do the rest!"

-Jonathan Deans

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