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The School of Performing Arts

The Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts is an intimate program within the bigger fold of the university.  

Offering majors in Theatre, Cinema, and Music, students are able to strengthen their talents as well as try their hand in performing and creative aspects they may have never experienced. Students are given the opportunity to design, perform, and collaborate on each production, and are encouraged to grow their range of experiences.

The School of Performing Arts holds performances in various types of theaters, such as The Moss Arts Center, Squires' Studio Theater, and the intimate Black Box in Theater 101. Each space has its own state of the art production technology, backstage spaces, and different auditorium layouts for a unique audience experience. 

Check out our website at for more information about the program and upcoming events, and follow the School of Performing Arts on social media linked below. 




From scholarship support to equipment needs, your generosity to the School of Performing Arts allows our student and faculty artists the platform to create, play, learn, and inspire. Creative filmmaking is happening. Music is being composed. Theatre is rehearsed. Audiences are left inspired.

Help us create. Help us inspire. Give Today! 

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